When a dog wears a ‘dior’ shirt, he’s wearing something pretty cool

The word “dior” is an old, fashionable word, but it is also a common colloquialism for the clothes worn by a dog.

A dog can be considered to be wearing a “dori” shirt or “dora” coat.

Dori is short for “dorei”, which literally translates to “door” in Japanese.

A dori shirt is traditionally a dark blue shirt with an open collar, worn by dogs to hide their fur.

It has long been used to dress dogs to look more like humans and in Japanese, to show the difference between the appearance of a real human and a dog, so it is often associated with humans and other animals.

A dori coat is typically a dark brown or grey coat with a collar that is open to show off the fur.

The collar and open collar are sometimes worn with a black or brown “doki” tag.

In a dog collar, a black collar is usually placed over the collar of the dog to make it appear that the dog is wearing a collar.

The word “doi” is a colloquially used Japanese word that means “man”.

It is used to describe a dog’s owner.

Dog collar tags can also be black and white, with black tags meaning that the tag is made of leather, and white tags meaning it is made from nylon.

There are many styles of dog collar tags available for purchase, and there are also various breeds of dogs that are commonly seen wearing the tags.

When you see a dog wearing a dori, don’t assume it’s a normal collar.

Most dogs will wear a dior or “dog” shirt with a dog tag if they are a “regular” dog.

Read more about dog collars and dog clothes on News.co.nz.

Watch this video about dog tags:

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