‘I was the first black dog in Boston’: Ellen is the first dog in town to have a black owner

A black dog is the only dog in the Boston area to have ever had a black owners, according to a Boston Globe article.

Ellen, a golden retriever-cross mix, was the only black dog living in the city before her owners’ arrival.

Ellen’s owners, Mark and Julie Chiwawa, were born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, but moved to Massachusetts to pursue their dreams of owning their first dog, Ellen.

“Ellen has a great pedigree,” Julie Chibwa said in a Boston-area radio interview, adding that she was surprised to learn that the dog belonged to a black man.

“I was not aware of that until we got here,” Mark Chiwawas said.

The Chiwaws opened Ellen’s new home in the spring of 2019.

They decided to go to great lengths to provide Ellen with a safe and comfortable environment for her to thrive, and they also wanted to make sure Ellen’s owners could get back to work.

“We wanted to do everything we could to make this happen, and we did,” Julie said.

After the Chiwas were hired, they got the job done and they’ve kept the dog as a permanent resident.

“When you have a dog that is loyal to its owner, it’s very hard to let go,” Julie added.

The couple has spent more than $400,000 on the dog, which they’ve nicknamed Ellen.

“She is a very loyal dog,” Julie explained.

“She has done everything we have asked of her, and she is very happy with her new home.”

Julie Chiwavais with Ellen.

The couple says Ellen is a loyal and loving dog.

source Google NEWS title ‘Ellen is a wonderful little dog’: Owner Julie Chiyawa, who was originally hired to care for Ellen, says she has no regrets over hiring a black dog as her new owner.

The owners say Ellen is an excellent dog, and Julie says she hasn’t had a negative reaction from Ellen’s handlers.

“There have been a few people who have had some negative comments, but the dogs have been very happy,” Julie told Boston.com.

Julie said that Ellen’s owner has been very supportive, and said she’s “happy to be here with her and give her everything she needs to thrive.”

“I think we have a great owner,” Julie stated.

“I can’t say enough good things about her.”

Ellen and her owners hope that Ellen will help keep them both in Boston as they pursue their new dog, a rescue dog.

“The only way I can help her is to have the resources she needs, and so we are looking for more resources,” Julie’s husband, Mark, said.

“It’s not about us being the only ones that care for her.

It’s about having resources.”

Julia Chiwabas says she hopes that Ellen can provide the necessary resources to help Ellen and her family in the coming years.

“If she has her heart set on a new home, she can make that happen, but I’m sure she will come back to us for her forever home.”

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