‘The most beautiful dog in the world’: The world’s most adorable dog

The world is a strange place, where there are dogs and humans that can’t stand each other.

But the world is also a beautiful place, and when a little girl in England decided to make a new friend, she made a special request for her pet.

She named her dog after the pet that would make her most happy.

Diana, a two-year-old Yorkshire terrier mix, was born with a congenital heart defect that left her unable to breathe.

She’s now just shy of three months old.

Her parents, Claire and Mike, couldn’t understand why their dog was so happy.

The terrier has been with her family since she was a puppy.

But their daughter didn’t like the fact that her little girl was being treated like a toy.

So she turned to social media to try to make her friends understand the importance of their dog’s existence.

On the day of Diana’s birth, the couple took their pet to the local animal shelter to meet a group of friends.

It was there that Claire saw that the pup was a social outcast.

“I thought it was the perfect chance for us to share a little bit of who we are, and just see if there was anything that would help us to understand what Diana is going through,” Claire told Al Jazeera.

“So I said to the dog, ‘Diana will have to wait until she’s three months to meet her new friends.

When she’s older, we want to know who you are and how you are different from the rest of us’.”‘

You just have to love her’Diana’s story started when Claire was just a single mum and her daughter was just four months old, when Diana’s parents decided to adopt her from a breeder.

She is now just three months and six days old.

Claire says that the family was surprised by how quickly the dog’s new life began.

“When I got her, I said, ‘this is the dog I have been looking for.

This is the one that has the best life for her’,” Claire said.”

She was absolutely adorable.

And it just seemed to work out so well.”‘

We’re not animals’Dia was born into the family, but she is still very much a dog.

Claire and her husband Mike, both professional dog trainers, took the dog to the vet, and she was tested for the condition.

After two rounds of tests, Claire says her dog was in a “perfect” state.

“It was a very positive result,” Claire said, “and then the next day we had the test results.”

Dia and her parents were delighted with the results.

But Claire was not done with Diana’s life. “

That’s what she has always been looking after, she’s the one who makes everything happen,” Claire added.

But Claire was not done with Diana’s life.

After the first round of tests came back positive, Claire decided to take the dog home.

But that didn’t sit well with Diana.

“We had to go back to the breeder, and Diana was in distress,” Claire recalls.

“I told her, ‘We’ve got to get her home.

We’re not doing this for the sake of it.'”

Claire and Mike were keen to get the dog back, but Claire says she felt her daughter’s happiness could only come from seeing her pet live her life.

“The more time we had together, the more Diana became aware of how important her dog had been to her and how much we were trying to give her a life of her own,” Claire explained.

“Diana was not happy being left to the care of the breander, and so that was when we realised she was ready to become a dog.”‘

She’s just a girl’But Claire’s determination paid off.

She was able to make the trip to meet Diana, and then the two met the dog on the way home.

It was there when Claire realised the story that Diana was telling about how she wanted to be a dog that made her realise just how special she was.

“There was nothing that she couldn’t do, and the more we talked, the happier she became,” Claire says.

“And we realised we were doing it because she was just so happy and she needed to be able to share her life with us, and be a part of our lives.”

The couple decided to have Diana adopt a new family of three, and Claire has been able to live with Diana for the past three years.

Claire has become the face of the breed, and even has a small role in Diana’s adoption.

“For a while she was really unhappy.

And she was still trying to fit in with the people around her, and trying to get on with her life, and it just didn’t work out,” Claire

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