The Dog Clothing industry: A dog clothing business worth $100 billion

Seattle, Wash.

–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Dog Clothing and Accessories Industry is worth $50 billion and is the largest apparel industry in the world, according to a new report.

That’s an increase of nearly $100 million from a previous report from the American Council on Science and Health.

The Dog Fashion Industry is the second largest in the United States and is expected to grow by $7.6 billion to $50.2 billion by 2020.

The U.S. also has the second-largest dog apparel market in the country behind China.

In its report, the American Institute of Philanthropy found that the Dog Fashion industry is estimated to generate an annual income of $2.3 billion.

In 2018, it generated $1.6 million in revenue, a significant increase from $735,000 in 2017.

The report is based on research and analysis from the U.K.-based research group, AICHD.

It also analyzed a study by the UBS Research Institute.

The study found that there were about 10,000 businesses in the Dog Clothing Industry and the number of sales and profits grew by about 30% annually between 2000 and 2020.

But it also noted that the number and size of dog apparel companies in the U and international markets declined.

The Dog Fashion Association, which represents more than 5,000 companies, said in a statement that the report was an important step toward advancing the growth of the industry.

“We appreciate the opportunity to provide this valuable insight into the Dog and Fencing industry and are grateful to the authors for their work in advancing the field,” the statement read.

“The Dog and Fur Industry is one of the fastest growing and most dynamic sectors of the U in terms of business growth.”

The Dog Entertainment Industry includes a wide range of apparel, toys, grooming and pet grooming products.

The top 10 U. S. brands include Durex, Baskin Robbins, Sperry, and The Limited Brands Group.

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