Which Japanese brands have the best wares?

A lot of people have already bought wares from Japan’s largest chain of dog shops, Harajuku Dog and Cat Co. and many of them are being worn by customers at malls, shopping malls, and other establishments in the country.

The shops’ owner, Haruyuki Suzuki, has taken advantage of a loophole in Japanese law that allows him to resell any merchandise on the internet and in stores, which allows him a lot of freedom.

The problem, though, is that the law doesn’t allow you to sell your wares on the Japanese equivalent of Ebay, which means that Haruyu can’t resell the merchandise online.

So, Haruji has gone the next step and created a website called WishDog and Cat.com.

The site sells all the dog clothes that he has purchased, as well as the dog baby clothes that have been made by the store’s owner, who sells the babies for around $4,000 per baby.

He sells them for a few hundred yen each and the proceeds go to charity.

While the site is still in its beta stages, it’s already gaining popularity, with more than 5,000 likes and nearly 10,000 shares on Facebook. 

So far, the website has sold almost 30,000 pairs of dog clothes from Haruju and its sister shop, Haro.

The online retailer also offers other merchandise, like a new version of the Harajuhi Haro pet bed.

“The site has already grown from the idea of being a toy store into a platform for a charity,” Haruyuyu says.

“I’m really proud of this idea.

It’s a dream come true for us.”

The site is not the only thing the owner is offering for sale, though.

He also sells some of his own wares, including dog bedding, toys, and dog collars.

According to the site’s FAQ, the site also offers an online gift shop and a dog kennel where customers can buy items for their pets, as long as they agree to pay for the items. 

There are currently five sites that offer items from the shop, including WishDog.com, Haroo.com and Haro Pet Shop.

Haruja has also created a video series on YouTube, in which he talks about his plans to use the proceeds to help animal rescue and animal welfare organizations.

He has even started a campaign to collect donations from the public, which has already surpassed its goal of $300,000.

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