How to make a dog harness with an eye patch

A little over a year ago, I was at a dog grooming convention and I spotted the first dog harness I had ever seen.

It was made out of a cloth that was meant to be worn on the back of a dog.

 When I saw it, I had a few questions.

What is a dog leash?

Why would anyone wear a leash around their dog?

And why is it made out on the dog?

 Luckily, I managed to get my hands on some cheap plastic dog collars that I could use to make my own dog harness.

So I started by making one out of cardboard.

A cardboard dog collar would allow me to attach the collar to a dog without any additional hardware and could be easily washed or dried, depending on the type of dog. 

I used a piece of scrap cardboard to make the collar out of, but you can use whatever type of material you like.

I attached the collar using a piece that was about an inch wide, but it could be any length you wanted.

I started off with a piece measuring about one inch tall, and a piece about two inches wide. 

To make the dog collar, you’ll need to cut a piece the same size as the collar, cut a small circle with a sharp blade and attach it to the end of the collar.

I then attached the end to the dog harness by cutting a piece out of the cardboard that was just over an inch in diameter. 

This was about one-fourth the size of the end that was attached to the collar that was made of cardboard, so it worked out to about one and a half inches tall.

Once I had the end attached, I simply attached the bottom piece to the front piece of the dog.

I found that attaching the bottom to the top piece made the dog leash a bit easier to attach to the harness.

The final piece of hardware was to attach it with some sort of loop that went around the end and secured it to your dog.

The dog harness is a good way to make it easy to carry around a large dog.

It also makes it easy for you to keep your dog safe while you’re at work.

It’s also great for a quick and fun way to get around town if you have a large, furry dog that doesn’t like to be tethered to you. 


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