Dog owner’s shirt with the slogan “Make the world safe for dogs” on it, with ‘Make the World Safe for Dogs’ in yellow on it

Clothing retailer Lululemon is getting creative with its latest clothing line with the hashtag #MakeTheWorldSafeForDogs, which is a play on the popular hashtag #SaveDogs and is a reference to the slogan of the clothing retailer. 

The new collection is the brand’s first collaboration with the phrase, which was first tweeted by Lululeson CEO Chip Wilson in July. 

“We were inspired by the hashtag,” Lulula said in a statement. 

“[We] wanted to make sure that our customers had the best possible experiences when shopping for the clothes they love. 

Our mission is to be an advocate for animals in all forms, and we wanted to be bold and take the lead in creating a collection that embodies that vision.” 

The new collection features shirts that have a bold yellow print, a logo and a tagline that says “Make The World Safe For Dogs.” 

“In honor of the new year, we’re making the world safer for dogs, which we know is a great goal for anyone,” Wilson said in the statement.

Lululema is now offering a new collection with the tagline “Make This World Safe” to the general public.

The new line will be available in August. 

Lulula has not revealed the price of the collection yet. 

The brand was also quick to respond to criticism of the hashtag, with the brand writing on Twitter that it has always believed in the value of animal welfare.

“We’re always on the lookout for new ways to make the world a better place for animals and hope that this campaign inspires you to take a second look at your shopping habits and give back to the animals in need,” Lulu said. 

In the same statement, Wilson said that the Lululiaremon brand has been a leader in animal rights issues and believes in the importance of animal advocacy.

“It is clear that people care about animals and want to see change,” he said.

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