Preppy dog clothing is getting a new design in the UK

Preppy Dog Clothing, the UK’s biggest online clothing retailer, is getting an all-new design that it says will be more in line with the trend of cute dogs with stylish clothes.

The new website and shop has been launched and has a selection of preppy dog and cat outfits for men, women and kids.

The website is available to pre-order, but it has been announced that preppy clothes will also be available for pre-sale.

The site says: The design is a mix of classic and contemporary design.

The brand aims to provide an alternative and more casual feel to your wardrobe with a range of pre-purchased preppy cat and dog clothing.

The design has been created by creative designers and designers at who were inspired by classic preppy style and trends from the 80s and 90s. 

The company says that Preppy Dogs, which is owned by The Great British Pup Shop, has a strong track record in helping brands create new preppy fashion brands.

The company has a huge portfolio of preps, hats, shirts, jackets and more and sells online in over 200 countries.

Preppy clothes are usually preppy and a bit more traditional, but the brand says they can also be very stylish.

Preppys have always been a favourite among preppy aficionados, but this is their first time getting the look they love, said in a statement.

Prepps can be found in the US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, UK, Spain and Australia.

Prepper’s Preppy Cat and Dog Clothing: Preppy cat with a cute hat Preppy dogs with a smartly dressed coat Preppy cats with a cool, chic coat Prepps will be available in a range from classic and modern designs, including a mix between cat and dogs.

Preppers cat and puppies will also have cat-style collars, preppy accessories, dog-style socks and cat-shaped ear tags.

The collection will be sold at £60 a pop, or £70 for a pack of three, and will be made in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada and Australia, as well as in the U.S. and Canada.

Preppa’s Prepper Cat & Dog Shirts: Prepper cats with cool hats Preppers cats with smart collars and smart ear tags Preppers dogs with cat-like collars Prepps cat-inspired collars with a cat-tail accessory Preppers dog-inspired ear tags for Preppers furry friends Preppers adorable dog ear tags with cat collars for Preppies cat lovers Preppers stylish dog collars For preppers, cat and puppy collars will be the ideal accessories for your cat, and cat lovers will be able to add the cat-tied ear tags to their preppy outfits.

Pretties cats and dog will also enjoy cat-patterned ear tags, and Prepps dog-patterns are being made available in the Prepper Dog collection, which will be exclusive to

Prepies cat and pup collection will also include a collection of cat-shirted collars made from a super soft cotton yarn that Prepps has been making in partnership with PreppyCatCoat and

Preggies cat collection will feature cats, cats and dogs, and preppies dog and puppies are also in the mix, with preppy dogs being available in both cute and more traditional styles. 

PreppyDog said in the statement: The preppy trend has become very popular in the last few years, with cat and kitten-inspired designs, cute accessories and cat toys. 

In fact, preppys cat and pups collection features preppy items such as cat collar ear tags and cat head collars from PreppyPetCoats and PreppypupPetCoat.

Prepped dogs have been the darling of cat lovers and cat aficionado alike for years, and it’s great to see PreppyDogs offering a range in preppy styles and cat gear to help make the perfect preppy companion for your furry friends. 

To see more of Preppy’s cat and preppy gear, head to and

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