Taffy Dog Clothing Gets $6 Million from Sales of Dog Birthday Dress

The Taffys are the latest in a line of brands to sign on to the trend of giving pets a holiday gift with taffy clothes.

The company, which makes the taffys for dogs and cat owners, said on Wednesday it had sold 1.7 million taffies, or clothes, since it launched in late January.

Taffies are designed to look like dog clothes but come with a special treat, like a pet-friendly birthday party or a puppy-themed costume. 

The company’s president, Robyn Levens, said the tafo was a way to celebrate a dog’s birthday. 

“It’s something we’ve been working on for years,” Levenes said.

“We have a lot of friends and family who love our pets and it’s a great way to let them know you love them too.”

The taffie is like a Christmas card.

It’s a gift that you can give to your dog or cat, or to anyone who needs it. 

You can have a little something special for them.

We’re not just making a cute Christmas present.

“Taffies can be worn by dogs and cats, as well as cats and dogs. 

They can also be worn with a leash or with a dog collar, though they can also come with tassels and other accessories. 

Taffy Dogs has been around since 2010, and has sold about 400,000 taffilies, or clothing items, since then. 

There are several companies selling taffying items for pets. 

Petco, which has about 2.5 million pet owners in the United States, offers pet clothing at a discount for pet owners with pets.

Petco has also introduced discounts on some of its clothing items for pet-only customers, which include taffity jackets and taffities for dogs.

PetSmart has a Pet Fencing program for pet guardians, which offers discounts on items such as pet-free towels and other pet-related items.

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