A woman’s ‘hairy-chested’ dog dressed up as a king has made a comeback

A “hairy” and “chested” dog dressed as a famous king has become a popular item at a New York bar.

The ‘King’ dog, named ‘Hairy,’ has been making waves in the city since last year when it appeared at a wedding in the Big Apple, the Associated Press reported.

A “hazy blonde” dog with a long, curly tail, the dog was dressed up by a couple as King George VI and his wife Queen Elizabeth, the AP reported.

The “King” dog, which has been dubbed a “bizarre hybrid” by the New York Daily News, has been the subject of a lot of controversy in the capital, where the breed has been known for its unusual hair, red eyes and red lips.

The dog is a “honey pot” breed, according to the AP, which describes it as a breed of purebred dogs with long, straight tails.

The AP reported that the couple who dressed the dog up as the monarchs wore purple-colored “king-colored” shirts and black pants.

They also wore yellow “Queen-colored,” “Queen” and red hats, the paper said.

According to the Associated News, the couple was asked to remove the “King”-colored shirts and pants and put them on a mannequin.

The paper also reported that a man wearing a “Hairy”-style wig was asked if the dog would be allowed to sit with him at the bar.

“I’m not sure,” he said.

“We’re trying to get the dogs out of the city.”

The dog, the New Jersey native told the Daily News in 2015, has a history of appearing at weddings, sporting competitions and conventions.

“We’ve had a lot.

I think I’ve had about six weddings and a couple of conventions,” the owner told the newspaper.”

It’s funny, because you see so many people dressed up like them,” the woman told the paper.

“I’ve seen it at conventions.

I’ve seen people dressed as their parents.

It’s so funny.”

The New York Post said the “haha” reaction has sparked a new breed of reaction, with some people calling the costume a “gigantic mistake.”

“We’re not making any of these animals into statues, they’re just toys,” the Daily Post quoted one customer as saying.

“They’re cute and funny, but they’re not real,” another customer told the Post.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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