5 of the Best Gifts for Dogs

Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit guilty about the amount of dog clothing I buy.

As a dog lover, I think a lot about how my furry friends look, so I don’t feel as though I’m putting them in a box to wear.

I’ve gotten a few different gifts over the years, but I always try to get something that’s a little more thoughtful, something that really gets me excited about the dog.

When I get a dog’s clothing, I’m always blown away by how much love they have for their fur.

That’s not to say they don’t want to get dressed up for parties or special occasions, but when it comes to the dog, I always like to put them in their comfort zone.

I’m always trying to give my dog some levity with their fur as well.

So this week, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite dog clothes I’ve found over the past year.


“Sassy” Dog Jacket (via Etsy) I got this amazing dog jacket from Etsy seller Sassy , which is a beautiful jacket.

It’s a simple, yet stylish jacket that can be worn with either a sweater or a sweater knit top, and it’s perfect for wearing around the house or for lounging in the front seat.

The jacket features a simple knit-knit hood and a hooded pocket, which can be used to stash a phone, dog toy, or other goodies in. 

You can also use the hooded lapels for a great place to hide your pet when you don’t have a seat for them.

This jacket is super cute, and I love how it fits on a pet.


“Panda Pants” Dog Vest (Via Etsy) I’ve always loved dogs and have always loved to wear them as outfits, but the pants and vest really capture the spirit of a dog. 

This vest is super easy to wear and looks great on a dog, too.

Each vest is hand-made by an experienced dog maker and is made with a very soft fabric and can be paired with any dog-friendly coat. 

The vest is also available in a variety of sizes. 

These pants and jacket are perfect for a cat or puppy, but they can also be worn as an everyday item or as a casual outfit for a dog friend.


“Stuffed” Dog Hoodie (Source: Etsy) These stuffed dog hoodies look like a gift for the dog owner who’s feeling more relaxed about wearing their furry friend.

This dog hoodie is great for a quick and easy gift for your dog’s new favorite friend. 

I love the simple design and how the dog can be a fun addition to any outfit. 

It can be bought with a sweater, or knit top for a nice fall look. 

If you want to create your own dog hoody, check out the  Dog Hoody making tutorial from Etsy.


“Mako Jacket” (Courtesy of Silly Girl) When it comes time to get together with a group of friends for a dinner party, this cute jacket is perfect. 

 I’ve worn this jacket at a few parties and it has been a perfect fit for my furry friend, but it’s also perfect for louting around at home. 

Its also perfect if you’re looking for a cozy dog-print jacket, as it’s made with 100% cotton and features an interior pocket. 

Just don’t forget to get your dog a collar for the collar to keep it secure. 


“Kitten Cuddle Box” “Kitten” cuddle box (via The Kitten Project) This cute cat bed is perfect for gifting to a cat friend, or you can wear it to your next event. 

My friend and I get together at a restaurant and we’ve been wearing this cat bed to the event and I’m sure it will be a hit. 

Kittens love to curl up and sleep on their beds, so this cute bed will be great for them too. 


“Dog-Free” Dog Coat (Photo: Etsy )This dog coat is super soft and comfortable. 

Perfect for a cute, casual outfit, or for wearing with a dog friendly coat.

It’s made from 100% nylon and features a zipper closure. 

There’s also a collar so your dog can keep it on. 7.

“Happy Dog” Shirt (via Etsy) This shirt is perfect to wear with a hat and to keep on your person as a keepsake. 

Made from 100 percent cotton and made with wool, it’s a great option for a gift to someone special or a treat for a loved one. 


“Pet Style Pajamas”  (via

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