Why the supreme dog clothing company is in trouble

Dog clothing stores like Supreme are struggling to find enough customers to keep their businesses going.

The dog apparel company has been struggling for years to make money, but it now has to compete with a bigger, better-funded competitor.

It is owned by the German billionaire and founder of German luxury fashion brand DHL, Klaus Schwab.

Supreme was founded in 2001, but has been shut down several times since then.

It has closed its doors for several years, and is now owned by Mr Schwab’s wife, Annette.

“We are in an interesting situation,” Mr Schwabb told the Associated Press news agency.

“The main reason is the fact that we have to pay tax on all our profits, which are taxed at a lower rate than the profits we earn from the business,” he said.

“If we were to open again, I would be open for business.”

Supreme has been operating in Germany for more than 20 years, but in 2012 it was forced to close its shop in Cologne after losing a bid to become the sole owner of the city’s biggest dog-themed clothing store, Kupferdalle, by a judge.

In October 2013, the German court upheld a decision by a lower court that Supreme should be able to continue operating in Cologne, but the retailer is not allowed to do so.

Supreme’s owners argue that their business has become so popular because of its dog-related items that the store was forced into bankruptcy last year.

Since the bankruptcy ruling, Supreme has struggled to find a new location.

It is owned and run by the family of Mr Schwabs, who also owns DHL and a small textile manufacturer, Düsseldorf-based Düssler-Bauhaus.

Mr Schwab and Annette Schwab are not the only people to own a dog clothing store in Germany.

Earlier this month, Duesseldorfer, a dog apparel store in Berlin, closed its door for good after the owner’s three dogs were euthanised.

However, Supremes owner is planning to reopen the store, which was established in 1995.

The German government has been working on a new law that would allow dog owners to keep dog clothing in the country, although it is not expected to be enacted before the end of this year.

Supremes owners argue they are doing the right thing by keeping their dogs.

But the owners of other dog clothing retailers say that while they are concerned about their businesses, the legislation does not go far enough.

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